Smart City Intelligent Asset Tracker Firmware Core

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Industrial strength firmware to enable a robust, low power and small form factor smart city asset tracking tag.  With minimal BOM requirement, this Firmware Core ensures your device will be the highest quality with lowest manufacturing cost product on the market. 

This Intelligent Firmware Core enables your device to connect to a city-wide LoRaWAN network to report its position to a cloud application.

The Intelligence in this Firmware Core applies sophisticated on-board algorithms to minimized battery usage while maximizing the quality and availability of position information.

Runs on STM32L152RE MCU and Semtech SX1272 LoRa radio.  The evaulation platform consists of the Nucleo-L152RE and mbed-LoRa shield.  Visit our Github site for details on how to quickly setup your evaluation platform with this Smart City Intelligent Asset Tracker Firmware Core.

A FREE evaluation version runs for 30 minutes on the off-the-shelf evaluation platform.  Contact us for a FREE code you can apply to unlock the evaluation version for unlimited usage on the evaluation platform (Please supply the device's EUI in your request email).

The purchased version comes with design support and customization to your particular hardware platform.  Contact us for volume pricing discounts.