Secure Bootloader and Secure Firmware Update

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Our most advanced firmware update solution ever, for devices and embedded systems based on STM32 MCUs.  The Secure Boot and Secure Firmware Update (SBSFU) solution by Firmware Modules offers an industry leading feature set including Encryption, AuthenticationDelta Patching, Multi-Segment and External SPI Flash capability.  This solution is designed to work with TouchGFX GUI systems as well.  Option for integrating USB Host in bootloader for update via USB flash drive.

Delta Patching generates compressed patches at build time - only the differences between the old firmware on your target and your new release is encoded in a secured patch file.  This solution drastically reduces your time on air and the size of files that need to be distributed.  Especially useful in OTA update scenarios.  Typical compression is 80% or more.  

Multi-Segment *NEW* adds the ability to update your firmware assets spread across multiple discontinuous sections and storage mediums on your embedded target.  Specially designed to support embedded systems incorporating external QSPI or SPI flash that may be hosting GUI and media assets or acting as a second slot for robust dual-section firmware update in devices dedicating their entire internal flash to the active firmware image.    

These solutions are unique to Firmware Modules and you will find them nowhere else.  We do all the work to integrate the base system and your selected feature set into your application and ensure your satisfaction.  With the purchase of our SBSFU solution you are buying a powerful combination time, expertise and code

All our solutions come with full source code and integrate into your Git-based project repository (e.g. on GitHub) and STM32CubeIDE.  We do offer, for no extra charge, to migrate or assist in the migration of your project from legacy version control systems to Git.

Our SBSFU solutions work with all STM32 variants, from L0 to F7 and include all customization required to adapt to your particular project.  There are many nuances to think about and we are experts on STM32 ready to adapt.

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