Smart City Mesh Root Firmware Core

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Industrial strength firmware to enable a robust, low power and small form factor smart city mesh node device.  With minimal BOM requirement, this Firmware Core ensures your device will be the highest quality with lowest manufacturing cost product on the market. 

This Firmware Core enables your device to participate in a sub-GHz long range* mesh network and be IPv6 addressable from the Internet.

For devices used in North America, the configured unlicensed sub-GHz band is US915 MHz.  For the EU region, the unlicensed band is EU868 MHz.

At least one Mesh Root Firmware Core is required for a network of Mesh Nodes.

Runs on TI CC1352 and CC1312 MCU with built-in sub-GHz radio.  The evaluation platform consists of the TI LaunchXL-CC1312/1352.  Visit our Github site to download and setup the evaluation version of the Smart City Mesh Node Firmware Core.

The FREE evaluation version runs for 30 minutes on the off-the-shelf evaluation platform.  Contact us for a FREE code you can apply to unlock the evaluation version for unlimited use on the specified device (please supply the device's EUI to us).

The purchased version comes with design support and customization to your particular hardware platform.  Contact us for volume pricing discounts.


* Range depends on many factors, including radio transmit power settings, antenna configuration, location and obstacles.