6 Reasons Why Our STM32 Secure Patching Bootloader Might be a Good Fit For Your Next Project

While the stm32-secure-patching-bootloader product is based on X-CUBE-SBSFU, it has a few key changes and additions.

The stm32-secure-patching-bootloader targets SMEs that don't have time, money and/or expertise to allocate to getting X-CUBE-SBSFU integrated and ready to ship with their product firmware, or for SMEs that want the additional features that are not available with X-CUBE-SBSFU.

The key differences of the stm32-secure-patching-bootloader solution are:

1. Ready-to-go binary means customer does not need integration and maintenance of additional bootloader projects "SBSFU" and "SECoreBin" into application project workspace as X-CUBE-SBSFU does.

2. Supports firmware difference patching while X-CUBE-SBSFU does not. With firmware patching capability built into the tooling and the bootloader core, a small change to a 200K firmware binary can be delivered OTA as a 2K patch instead.

3. Supports TouchGFX large application firmware update, treating application content (GUI assets) that are placed onto external flash as part of one single binary using the same firmware image signing and patching capability. Customers using TouchGFX need this feature to deliver a firmware update as one file. X-CUBE-SBSFU does not have this capability.

4. USB flash drive update built into bootloader for products that have USB OTG host. Your customers can put firmware onto a USB flash stick and plug it into your product to update the firmware. X-CUBE-SBSFU does not have this capability.

5. The stm32-secure-patching-bootloader understands the needs of customers shipping real products. The stm32-secure-patching-bootloader core has been locked down and stable for over 3 years and is not tinkered with. The same core has been deployed to 7 STM32 families (L0, L4, L5, F4, F7, WL, G0) and to shipping products worldwide. In contrast, X-CUBE-SBSFU is a constantly evolving product and there might be unpleasant surprises waiting in the latest releases.

6. The stm32-secure-patching-bootloader is backed by an experienced firmware and product development expert who will work with you to ensure the solution meets your needs.

All of these features could be developed by experienced personnel within your organization but the cost and time to do so would be far far greater than getting the stm32-secure-patching-bootloader, a tested, stable and ready-to-ship solution now, for just $5000 CAD.

The business case should be obvious. 

We have free demos on our GitHubContact Us for more details.


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