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Secure Bootloader and FOTA Delta Patch Solution

Secure Bootloader and FOTA Delta Patch Solution

Our state of the art turnkey Secure Bootloader and Secure Firmware Update with Delta Patch solution works with all STM32 MCUs including STM32L0.

We take care of setting up and integrating the bootloader and delta patch engine into your firmware system and application. One less thing for you to worry about.

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  • Simple

    We will integrate our secure bootloader and over-the-air update system into your STM32 device firmware AND build system. Full source code, time and expertise is provided for one fee.

  • Secure

    Our bootloader and OTA update system offers the highest level of security with signed and encrypted firmware images using ECDSA and AES end-to-end.

  • Delta Update

    That's right, our secure OTA update system is based on patching: only the difference between what is on the device and your update is sent over the air saving you bandwidth and time - capable of patching large binaries with 90% compression or more!

  • Safe

    Dual Image update mode with rollback is standard. Internal flash stores two images so you can have peace of mind knowing your devices won't brick because of wireless connection challenges.


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