STM32 Secure Patching Bootloader

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Based upon our proven Firmware Modules Secure Boot and Secure Firmware Update (FM-SBSFU), we bring to you a new, simplified and improved solution that makes it far easier to get world-class secure firmware update capabilities into any STM32-based embedded system.

We are pleased to bring you the STM32 Secure Patching Bootloader. 

Features Overview:

  • Dual slot architecture.
  • Encrypted and signed firmware update images.
  • Delta Patch Engine.
  • Multiple bootloader update methods where hardware permits: UART or USB flash.
  • In-application (IAP) and over-the-air (OTA) update support via API.
  • Pre-built libraries - nothing to build, it just works out of the box.
  • Ready-to-go firmware image preparation scripts including secure patch generation.
  • 64-bytes uninitialized area reserved at start of RAM for user application requirements such as fault info reporting.

The solution is FREE on supported NUCLEO, DISCO and EVAL boards.  

Refer to our GitHub Repository to setup and use our bootloader system with one of these platforms.

If you are launching a commercial product or project with custom hardware, consider supporting us by registering the STM32 Secure Patching Bootloader.

Registered users of the STM32 Secure Patching Bootloader get:

  • Bootloader library customized for your platform (E.g. flash and clock configuration).
  • Dedicated personalized support through email.

Our Standard Registration includes all features and capabilities except for external flash and multisegment support.

Our External Flash Registration include all features and capabilities of the Standard Registration plus support for your board's external (Q)(O)SPI flash and possible MultiSegment extention of SLOT0 according to your specifications.

After registration we will get you a short questionnaire to fill out with your specific STM32 Secure Patching Bootloader configuration needs.  You will have your customized bootloader within a week!

Our STM2 Secure Patching Bootloader Customization Questionnaire

 Customizable Element Example
MCU Part Number STM32F429ZI
Board Name SensorThingyRevA

Clock Source: HSE? Speed?

 (Note: HSE is optional in projects without USB)


Internal Flash Allocation

All remaining, or




Diagnostic UART Parameters (115200,N,8,1 default)


External Flash YES/NO and Part Number

* Requires External Flash Registration

YES - MX25LM51245G

MultiSegment YES/NO

* YES only valid if External Flash is YES

* Specify start of (Q)(O)SPI memory mapped address

* Specify start address of SLOT0 extension (SEG1) and length



0x90002000 (leaves 8K at start of QSPI flash)



Questions?  Refer to our GitHub Repository or Contact us.