Advanced Secure Firmware Update System Launched

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Firmware Modules announces the launch of its most advanced and industry leading Firmware Update System FM-SBSFU for IoT and embedded systems.

This new system features delta patching, external (Q)SPI and multi-segment support for handling advanced applications like TouchGFX for STM32 MCUs of all stripes.

Seamless integration into the STM32CubeIDE build system and support for update methods including USB flash drive means you can get ahead of your competition by offering your product with a professionally designed and supported secure firmware update system with features they can't match.

Get FM-SBSFU integrated into your product by STM32 bootloader and firmware update experts faster and for less cost than doing it yourself.

 We have completed an end-to-end demonstration published on you can run yourself on an STM32F769I-DISCO board.  This demonstration includes updating an image located on QSPI flash with a patch.

Learn more about this system on our product page.

View our product flyer.

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