Announcing Firmware Modules' Firmware Deployment Solution For IoT devices

Announcing Firmware Modules' firmware deployment solution for IoT devices.

Firmware Modules has created a comprehensive firmware deployment solution including a custom bootloader, Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware updater firmware library, and combined manufacturing firmware image generator - all seamlessly integrated and connected with a simple build configuration interface that leverages the company's Firmware Module System.

The firmware deployment solution is dubbed the Firmware Modules' Application Management and Deployment Model (AMDM). The corresponding info-graphic illustrates the key elements of the AMDM.

All firmware projects that are intended for mass production and that require OTA update capability can leverage the AMDM to considerably shorten time to market.

This solution is designed to address the fundamental hurdles that all professional firmware projects must face and overcome to become production-ready. Our system offers these features:

Merging operations-derived information - build and version numbers from continuous integration processes - with distributable firmware binaries. Our solution handily solves this problem by automatically and securely embedding environment-derived version number information directly into all application binaries produced by our system. 

Built-in robustness. The AMDM solution adds capability to build production-ready binaries that include a bootloader and applications that work together to ensure integrity of the firmware system residing on the device's non-volatile memory. The bootloader performs a checksum calculation on the application before booting it, and can report failures doing so to an external indicator if configured. 

Built-in OTA firmware updating. Our solution is designed to work within the constraints of IoT device deployments and low-power wireless networks while simultaneously offering a high level of robustness and safety with a ping-ping application update architecture.

Built-in support for a Manufacturing Test Application (MTA). Mass production of any kind of embedded device will require firmware support for tests performed on the manufacturing line. The AMDM solution to manufacturing firmware support is to allow customers to write a separate manufacturing application that is automatically built-into the combined binary image at build-time yet completely separate from the main application. The bootloader is able to boot the test application based on the state of an external GPIO. By placing your product PCB into a test jig and powering up your device, the MTA is booted and your tests execute.

Implementing all of these features would require a dedicated firmware team with the necessary expertise and experience. The Firmware Modules' AMDM solution is ready-to-go and can be integrated into the customer application using the Firmware Module System by setting a few simple options in the package build script. User guide, wiki and blog posts help customers implement the solution.

Customers can take their device out of the lab and into the field with our AMDM implementation available soon from our on-line store.


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