Building for Multiple MCU Targets

It's a beautiful thing when the same IoT firmware application can be built and run simultaneously for TI, Nordic and STM targets.  In the same build flow, no less.  One command, one application, multiple targets, multiple vendors.  We aren't locked into one vendor's toolchain or development ecosystem.  We can go where the market and our customers take us.

We've recently added STM32 L1 and ST-LINK support to our firmware development and build system, allowing us to build and execute unit tests and application code right on connected Nucleo development kits.

The addition of STM32 MCU build, test and release support brings our number of supported Cortex-M MCU families to 5, including:

  • TI MSP432
  • TI CC26xx
  • TI CC13xx
  • Nordic nRF52832
  • STM32L152



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