Cloud and sensor demo with Xively and Seeed Studio

We've finally published our first cloud-connected IoT measurement and control demo on and GitHub.  This demo leverages our firmware deployment technology - like our previous OTA update demos - plus integrates the open source libXively client library with drivers for all 10 sensor modules included in the Seeed Studio Grove Starter Kit.  

Sensor and actuator modules include:

  • Ultrasonic range sensor
  • Moisture sensor
  • Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Sound sensor
  • Light sensor
  • Rotary angle sensor
  • Buzzer
  • 4-digit 7-segment display
  • Relay
  • Motion sensor

Each of these sensors feeds data to the Xively IoT platform, and the actuators, display and buzzer can be controlled by the platform as well.

With this sensor and cloud platform combination, it is obvious that a wide range of applications can be derived - all with secure cloud connectivity, OTA firmware update capability and built-in support for device credential provisioning.



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