Is your IoT device firmware designed for manufacturability?

So you've just used one of the drag-and-drop code generating tools to put together your IoT widget.  All you had to do was order some hardware modules from Digikey and attach them together, then click "download" to get the auto generated firmware onto your device.  Power it up and its connected to the 'Net.  Just like that.  Now, take it to the show and see who wants to buy it.

So you're done, right?  Nothing could be further from the truth.  You need to ask yourself: Can I manufacture that?  Can I actually sell that?  The answer is most emphatically NO.  That thing you created was just your prototype.  Now throw it away because you have to start over redesigning everything - hardware and firmware - for production.  It's called DFM (design for manufacturing) and it applies to firmware as much as anything else.  

See what others are saying about how developers don't realize how difficult it is to scale from a prototype.

Firmware DFM is exactly what Firmware Modules understands.  We are here when you realize the drag-and drop IoT application prototyping services and off-the-shelf hardware prototyping boards and modules aren't sufficient.  We understand your pain.  We have the technology and platform know-how to build the robust, production-ready firmware you need for your manufacturable IoT devices.  

At Firmware Modules, DFM is baked in.  Our Firmware Module solutions are ready to go for your prototype - but with one big difference - when you get that big order you can head straight to manufacturing and get a leg up on your competition!


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