Measurement Earth Trusted Sensor Platform

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The Measurement Earth Trusted Sensor Platform (ME-TSP) is a new kind of IoT sensor platform placing data authenticity and quality at the heart of its design.  Leveraging global distributed ledger platforms, sensor data can flow unimpeded around the world creating the most comprehensive view of the Earth as it evolves, now and for the future.

ME-TSP builds on the Measurement Earth Operating System (ME-OS), an OS designed from the ground up to support environmental IoT sensor configurations, communication methods and lower power modes on microcontroller-class processors. ME-OS is the first Oracle Class operating system of its kind in the world.

ME-TSP is by extension an Oracle Class sensing platform and is used to ingest data into on-chain smart contracts.  ME-TSP can sign EOSIO blockchain transactions right on STM32 microcontrollers! The Measurement Earth Global IoT Open Data Platform is the first platform to offer IoT data oracle sensors.  Our ME-TSP platform includes our own gateway, the ME-TSP-GW-V1 that can deliver the signed transactions directly to the blockchain platform over ethernet from the LoRa radio link!

Our prototype Air Quality Monitoring Station, the ME-TSP-AIR-V1, has been operating since mid 2021, creating a record of our climate.  We are working on V2 that will support both Helium LoRaWAN and our own LoRa-based gateway network and will be launching the Measurement Earth Clean Air Challenge!  Stay Tuned!


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