Sensor Beacon Firmware Released

We've turned the mcModule120, a device tailor made for sensor beacons, into a sensor beacon compatible with Eddystone.  Our firmware product, Sensor Beacon for Eddystone, is available now for evaluation and demonstration from our GitHub repository.

The Sensor Beacon for Eddystone firmware can be loaded onto the mcModule120 through a variety of methods, including through the use of the Segger J-Link debugger and the mcDev kit, however we have made available our own firmware loading tool and technique that inexpensively programs the mcModule120.  The tool is available also from our GitHub repository.

The sensor beacon for Eddystone broadcasts a configurable URL that is detectable by any nearby Android device and indicated to the user.  The sensor's telemetry data is broadcast in the Eddystone TLM frame and includes readings from the mcModule120's accurate on-board temperature sensor and battery level.  A configurable sensor beacon ID (UID) is also broadcast.  The content, frequency and type of Eddystone frames that are broadcast is completely configurable with the built-in Eddystone Configuration Service BLE GATT service.  The configuration service can be conveniently accessed with the nRF Beacon for Eddystone app.


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