STM32 Secure Patching Bootloader Release v1.1.0

We are pleased to bring you the STM32 Secure Patching Bootloader Release v1.1.0

Available at no cost for evaluation on popular development boards from our GitHub repository.

New features

* Support for STM32WLE5 and LORA-E5-DEV and LORA-E5-MINI boards from SeeedStudio.
* Cleaned up postbuild argument list: remove vector offset and multiseg parameters - now located in board library package.
* Added README to board library packages.

The STM32WLE5 is a Cortex-M4 integrating a LoRa radio (SX1262) with 256 KB flash and 64 KB RAM.  

With the STM32 Secure Patching Bootloader you can update firmware using delta patch or full images from the application itself.  Our easy-to-use API means just about any firmware image transfer method can be used - including wireless and wired protocols.

You can get a powerful IoT bootloader and firmware update system integrated into your project in as little as 1 day.  Think of that for your project's scope and planning phase!


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