The Firmware Modules Advantage

Firmware Modules offers what we like to think of as a "total firmware solution".  When you chose our firmware solutions, you are choosing to use an all-inclusive firmware technology stack with a single source of support - Firmware Modules.  We support everything - the toolchain, the drivers, the RTOS, the middleware and everything in between, from the metal up.  If there is a problem we take full ownership and will fix it in one of our Modules and get you the update.  It's as simple as that.

Our firmware technology stack is based on proven solutions including:

  • Real-Time Software Components (RTSC)
  • GNU ARM Embedded Toolchain
  • pyOCD CMSIS-DAP debugger

Because we have built and integrated the entire firmware technology stack, when we build, test and release a Module product we are assuring that it works.  And because you, our customer, also builds and develops with our firmware products in the same technology stack, we are able to offer this high-level of comprehensive support for an incredible value.

Our license terms are as simple as it gets: BSD 3-clause for all content we produce, plus similar (EPL, Apache 2.0, MIT) 100% commercial-friendly license terms covering all target-domain content, which means your applications remain firmly proprietary and under your control.


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