The Measurement Earth Operating System

We are super-excited to announce the maturity of a project that has been in development for over two years: the Measurement Earth Operating System, designed by Firmware Modules Inc. to power the next generation of Oracle-Class IoT data loggers, sensors and wireless network solutions for blockchains.

An Oracle-Class sensor has the capability to securely generate blockchain transactions on-chip without relying on a middleman or gateway.  The data from ME-OS Oracle-Class sensors is ingested into blockchain smart contracts and dApps enabling these distributed and decentralized applications to process and make decisions on trusted data.

Our first ME-OS "GreenField" release offers these features:

  • Advanced POSIX-like command shell.
  • Fully event driven tick-less architecture.
  • Extreme low-power mode sleeping between events and intelligent peripheral management enables battery-powered remote sensing solutions.
  • RTC-based timer system.
  • Non-volatile data storage manager.
  • Sensing subsystem supports many IoT sensor types including temperature, humidity, pressure, motion/orientation (accelerometer, significant motion wakeup), particulate matter.
  • Proprietary Wireless Sensor Network (ME-WSN) supporting LoRa technology for moving transaction data between sensor nodes, internet gateways, and the blockchain.
  • Blockchain interface engine including RPC, transaction signing and state management for EOSIO blockchains.
  • Integrates our FM-SBSFU secure bootloader and full FOTA update patching system (from blockchain!)
  • LwIP stack with Ethernet connectivity on supported platforms (our gateway, RFID scanner solutions)
  • Runs on all STM32 MCU lines including L0, L4 and F4.


You can find ME-OS in environmental sensing and wireless network solutions built for the Measurement Earth Global IoT Open Data Platform.

Stay tuned to this channel for environmental sensing solution announcements and ways you can get involved.


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