True Sensor to Cloud

We design and build True Sensor to Cloud and Sensor to Blockchain IoT system solutions.  Devices and sensors powered by our firmware communicate directly with the cloud application - which can be a blockchain smart contract.  This offers the most security ever seen in any IoT sensor deployment.

Most other IoT sensor deployments send authenticated messages to a relay agent, gateway or intermediate cloud endpoint.  Examples include:

  • Zigbee, 6LoWPAN, BLE gateways that connect to the cloud applications with different protocols and must actively translate between two or more domains.
  • LoRaWAN deployments require operators to run application servers to receive the application-key encrypted messages from the sensors then forward them to a 3rd party cloud service for final processing.

In properly implemented typical IoT systems the data is authentic between the sensor and the gateway or intermediate endpoint and manipulating data along that route is not possible. However, these typical IoT deployments require custom translation and processing application software and firmware running on the gateways and relay agents and intermediate servers - greatly increasing the cost of development, maintenance and ownership of the IoT solution - plus opens up security holes and increases the attack surface.

There is no doubt the industry is trending toward true Sensor to Cloud solutions for maximum security and minimum TCO.  IoT solutions not offering this capability will fall by the wayside.  Firmware Modules is already ahead the game and has a pulse on the leading technologies of IoT and is combining them to offer true Sensor To Cloud security and capability.


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