Turnkey Secure FOTA Patch Solution

We are proud to announce the release of our most advanced Secure Firmware Over-The-Air Delta Patch solution for STM32 devices! 

Building on our demonstrated expertise developing secure FOTA update solutions, we have leveraged ST's tried and tested X-CUBE-SBSFU reference design to offer our OEM customers the most advanced IoT firmware update system available.

Our turnkey solution works "out of the box" and integrates with your development environment including IAR, Keil, STM32CubeIDE and others.  

It is the most cost effective way for you to get a secure FOTA delta patching solution integrated in your STM32-based IoT device lineup.  We do all the work and support it through the life of your product.

The solution generates signed and encrypted firmware patches to your on-device application using state-of-the-art ECDSA and AES technology.  Delivered over the air to your IoT devices, these patches save you precious network bandwidth time and costs.

Contact us to have an expert integrate and support this turnkey solution in your next IoT project. 

Learn more about it and see a demonstration on Hackster.io!


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