Why Blockchain is for IoT

IoT is in a highly fragmented state right now.  There are many technologies and techniques competing and vying to get your sensor's data up to the cloud, and each "solution" offers its own "home grown" security domain that typically is layered on top of, or next to, other security domains. 

Take for example Zigbee.  Popular in low-power sensor devices, the device must use Zigbee's specified security domain to transfer messages from the sensor, over it's wireless link, to a coordinator or data concentrator device.  This concentrator device will need to transfer the data to another security domain such as TLS in order to transact with a cloud server over a less-constrained link. As a consequence, the concentrator device has access to both the Zigbee/sensor security domain and the TLS/cloud domain.  Each domain has its own security protocols and complex implementation standards.  If there are any errors or omissions or weaknesses in the implementations in any of the links in this traditional sensor to cloud paradigm, your IoT solution as a whole must be considered insecure.

What we are advocating for and developing is a new blockchain-backed Sensor-to-Cloud paradigm where the device and the cloud are on the same security domain and the only two entities participating in it.  As a result, we believe that blockchain offers the perfect security domain for all IoT devices.

A device that can speak "native blockchain" is assured to be operating in a globally recognized and trusted security domain.  Let's face it: blockchain security has been more rigorously tested than any other technology ever.  The ECDSA cryptography standard that forms the backbone of Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS, among many others, has stood up to the combined might of the entire planet for a decade.  

IoT devices, even the smallest, tiniest, battery powered, energy sipping devices can now implement ECDSA and transact directly to a global IoT platform powered by the blockchain.  

Our blockchain-powered Sensor to Cloud technology will eliminate the middlemen and any risks associated with man-in-the middle, replay and other attacks.  You and your customers no longer have to trust anyone in the data supply chain that moves your data to your blockchain powered cloud.

Contact us if you are interested in incorporating this ground-breaking technology into your IoT solutions.




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