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Measurement Earth OS (ME-OS) for the Wio-E5 board. 

  • Supports a varienty of sensors
  • Supports LoRaWAN/Helium
  • User configurable via linux-like command shell.
  • Features stm32-secure-patching-bootloader for firmware updates.


With Trusted Sensor Platform (TSP):

  • Pre-burned secure identity (ECDSA private and public key)
  • On-board EOSIO blockchain transaction generation and signing.
  • Transaction with sensor data can be routed through LoRaWAN/Helium.
  • Supports pre-defined ABI conforming to ME-TSP-AIR standard (airv11.meas on Telos blockchain).


Configurable through linux-like console interface via USB/UART.

Runs on low power STM32WLE5 microcontroller and in particular the SeeedStudio Wio-E5 board.

This product is the Wio-E5 board with the ME-OS(-TSP) firmware and secure identity pre-programmed.  **The device is secured with RDP Level 2 and may not be reprogrammed with unauthorized firmware.**

Board made in China.

Ships from Canada.