FM-SBSFU V2.1 Released

Version 2.1.0 of our industry-leading Secure Boot and Secure Firmware Update system for STM32 IoT and embedded devices is now available.

This release offers several performance improvements, code size reductions and new features over v2.0.0

  • Add USB Flash Loader
    • FM-SBSFU now supports updating firmware from FAT32 -formatted USB flash drives in the bootloader.
  • More flexible
    • Flexible support for a variety of project directory structures.
  • Anti-rollback feature can be easily disabled for customers that require it.
  • Supports updating to same firmware version to fix a corrupted active application.
  • Enhanced Test Application to test any size of flash.
  • Progress indicator hooks added to bootloader along with enhanced progress indication.
    • Support for different progress reporting methods including LCD display are more easily attainable.
  • More thorough de-initialization of bootloader before launching application.
  • Added Just-In-Time (JIT) flash erase for external (Q)SPI flash.
    • JIT erase improves update performance dramatically when large slot sizes (MB+) are specified and the application only fills a small portion of the slot.
  • Clean up YMODEM updater in bootloader to follow same flow as the USB Flash updater.
  • Add SE_PATCH_Poll() API, and pass patching status codes through to bootloader tracer.
  • Bootloader significantly sped up when launching large applications (MB+).
    • Redundant image verification steps removed, other processes streamlined for the most common case.

 Learn more about the FM-SBSFU on our product page.


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