IoT Firmware Deployment Solution Available Now

After months of development and testing, the Firmware Modules' IoT Firmware Deployment Solution FM_Deploy is available for purchase now from the on-line store for $1995 USD.

FM_Deploy seamlessly integrates all elements needed to take your IoT firmware to manufacturing and to the field with a bootloader, combined firmware image generator and over-the-air (OTA) firmware update library.

FM_Deploy implements Firmware Modules' Application Management and Deployment Model solution (AMDM), previously announced here.

Our OTA firmware update solution is the most robust you'll find anywhere - incorporating a firmware relocation engine into the OTA update libraries that allows placement of firmware images at one of two locations in your device's internal flash.  Your currently running (and good) firmware application is never touched during the update process - and is therefore immune to wireless transmission errors and link drops that are unavoidable in IoT device deployments.

FM_Deploy bundles the Firmware Module System Platform (FM_Platform) with these four additional solution Modules:

  • FM_Boot OTA-aware bootloader.
  • FM_Update OTA update firmware library.
  • FM_Release Firmware image processing library and build scripts.
  • FM_Driver SoC peripheral device driver abstractions.

Learn how  our ready-made IoT deployment solution can get your IoT device deployed faster.


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